How Covid-19 Will Change the Thailand Tourism Sector

It is unclear what the tourism industry would look like after COVID-19 : travellers will re-venture cautiously with the concept of social distancing in mind.

How I Started My Online Entertainment Business -Case Study

We all are aware that the internet has taken over everything. Hence, I could not think of a better business option than an online entertainment business

The Rapid Growth of Online Scam in South East Asia

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, more people are required to remain at home, spending more time on the internet and increasing the levels of exposure to online scams and fraud.

The Popularity of Online Casinos Grows Due to Coronavirus

Since the pandemic began, more people are gaming and gambling online, as companies are seeing a massive increase in the number of people playing poker and other games online for the first time.

The Change of the Entertainment Business in Bangkok due to Covid-19

Although the country has not announced a lockdown yet, the entertainment business has been walloped by the pandemic