SEC and SET Collaborate to Enhance Market Confidence

The SEC and SET discussed reviewing rules for collateral in cash accounts, securities settlement cycle, and purchasing securities to ensure fair treatment for investors.

CEO from SAPPE (SET) and CEO from LEO (mai) win Best CEO Awards for 2023

The SET Awards recognized companies for their excellence in business and sustainability, highlighting the importance of ESG practices for sustainable growth in the Thai capital market.

Thai Stock Exchange to Implement Short Selling Restrictions

The SET may reimpose the “uptick” rule, requiring short sales to take place at a higher price than the stock’s last trading price if it is down 10% or more, to address concerns about naked short selling.

Thai Stock Market: An Attractive Opportunity for Family Businesses

Family businesses play a significant role in the Thai economy, accounting for 57 percent of listed companies and contributing 39.3 percent of the country’s GDP in 2022.

SET signs MOU with SCG Lampang and Association of Lampang Learning on Community Forest

SET, SCG Lampang, and Association of Lampang Learning on Community Forest collaborate…

Four new certificates of deposit on European stocks and Hong Kong ETFs will begin trading on November 16th

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is set to list four new depositary receipts (DRs) issued by Bualuang Securities pcl on November 16.

mai-listed companies post 20% sales growth in 2022

For 2022, mai-listed companies posted total sales of THB 214.69 million, up 20.1 percent from a year earlier

TFEX aims to implement new trading system in 2023

On products and services development, TFEX plans to explore on extending trading hours of Currency Futures, introduce new Currency Futures contract, and boost trading liquidity