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China is building a city bigger than Washington on 4 islands in Malaysia

Called Forest City, the $100 billion metropolis will be able to accommodate 700,000 people. That's about 20,000 more than the current population of Washington, DC

The world’s first refugee camp powered by renewable energy

The plant, funded by the Ikea Foundation, is the first in the world to be built in a refugee camp and will supply residents free of charge.

How Asia can maintain growth with an ever ageing population

To boost productivity in the future, Asian governments will have to implement well-targeted structural reforms today.

We’ll Live to 100, but Can We Afford It?

As the quality of healthcare has increased during the past century, so too have global life expectancies - but new generations will pay a high price for living longer.

What skills do ASEAN countries need to meet the challenges of the future?

ASEAN - graced with a young, diverse and digitally savvy population - is uniquely placed to benefit from the digital transformation

As the ASEAN turns 50, Human Rights remain a challenge

Thailand in spite of its economic success and one of the most popular global tourist destinations, remains under the clutches of military dictatorship.

Why is South-East Asia silencing free speech?

Across South-East Asia, civic space is shrinking. Crackdowns on people peacefully exercising their freedoms of assembly and expression have become alarmingly common

Asia’s population is ageing fast. Here’s what we can learn

Globally, the number of older persons, rising at an unprecedented rate, is forecast to exceed 2 billion by 2050. By then, nearly two-thirds of the world’s older people – close to 1.3 billion – will be living in Asia-Pacific