Thailand Leads Southeast Asia BEV Sales

Chinese automakers captured the majority of BEV sales in the region, with their market share increasing from 38% to nearly 75% in the past year.

The Combination of Good Graphics and Gameplay is Needed for Success in Gaming

If you compare a game from 20 years ago to now, the change is incredible. You probably wouldn’t want to play a game from 20 years ago with those graphics knowing the graphics embedded in new games.

Alibaba and WHA Corporation Plc jointly invest in EEC e-commerce project

WHA invested 1.3 billion Thai baht [41 million USD] in development projects…

How Is Thailand Using Big Data?

The government of Thailand is keen on considering another dimension of the Thailand 4.0 plan: Big Data

Thailand leads Asia in international visitors spending

International visitors spent more money in Thailand than in any other Asian country in 2017, according to an UNWTO report.

Does Philippine Licensing Problems Offer an Opportunity to Thailand?

This regulatory regime has produced significant income for the country and continues to play a vital role in the Philippines economy.

Workplace wearables: friend or foe?

Just as top athletes monitor their biometric data in order to boost performance, companies have also begun to gather data about their employees in order to give them a competitive advantage

Here comes the modern Chinese consumer

Despite concerns about economic growth, China’s consumers keep spending. Yet McKinsey latest survey reveals changes in what they’re buying and how they’re buying it.