CHIANG MAI (NNT) – Thailand and China jointly launched a training program on Monday (6 Mar) at Chiang Mai University to help develop e-commerce skills among vocational school students.

According to the training program organizers, the “Chinese Language Plus Professional Skills” e-commerce training program features Chinese e-commerce experiences incorporating Thai sensibilities.

Developing the China-Thailand e-commerce industry

The five-day training program, with 65 participating students, provides courses on developing the China-Thailand e-commerce industry, e-commerce platform operations, short video productions, e-commerce platforms basics, and network marketing.

Improve e-commerce and learn Chinese

“Thai vocational students will improve their e-commerce skills while also learning Chinese through this training program.”

Somporn Pandam, Deputy Secretary-General of the Vocational Education Commission under the Ministry of Education

According to Somporn Pandam, Deputy Secretary-General of the Vocational Education Commission under the Ministry of Education, the training program is a cooperative project between multiple partners in Thailand and China.

Pitipong Yodmongkol, Vice President of Chiang Mai University, said the program is part of a series of “Chinese Language plus Professional Skills” projects organized by Chiang Mai University and the Confucius Institute at Chiang Mai University.

Cultivate knowledgeable and capable talent

He said it is expected to help cultivate knowledgeable and capable talent and has become an important force in promoting exchanges on culture, economy and trade between the two nations.

Hao Shumei, vice president of Yunnan Normal University, which provides support for the training program, also said it will promote the expansion of cultural and economic exchanges between China and Thailand.

Data showed over 2,000 Thai vocational school teachers and students have participated in the e-commerce training programs since they were introduced in 2021.

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  • Reporter : Paul Rujopakarn
  • Rewriter : Tarin Angskul
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