Airports of Thailand said yesterday that it expects a 50.70% decrease in revenue in fiscal year 2020, compared to the revenue in fiscal year 2019 and a 42.21% decrease in revenue in fiscal year 2021, compared to the revenue in fiscal year 2020.

Airports of Thailand (AOT) expects flights to recover to 2019 levels only in 2023, the company told the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on Wednesday (June 17).

In fiscal year 2020, AOT expects the total number of 491,900 flights and 69.04 million passengers or 45.1% and 51.3% decline in growth rates, respectively.

Domestic air traffic volume to return to normal in 2022

Domestic air traffic volume will start to continuously recover in August 2020 until it returns to normal (at 2019’s level) in October 2022.

It is therefore expected that in fiscal year 2022, AOT will record the total number of 761,800 flights and 108.87 million passengers or 15.0% and 23.3% decline compared to 2019, respectively.

In fiscal year 2023, the expected total number will be 902,200 flights and 144.20 million passengers or 0.7% and 1.6% increase in growth rates, respectively.

The exponential growth of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak in different countries has adversely affected air travel and significantly reduced the number of flights and passengers of the six airports under supervision of Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT), namely Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueang International Airport, Chiang Mai International Airport, Hat Yai International Airport, Phuket International Airport and Mae Fah Luang-Chiang Rai International Airport.

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