Novo Nordisk Thailand, affiliate of the global healthcare company with more than 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care, has been recently recognized as one of the best companies to work in Thailand.

The company offers an award-winning culture, advancement opportunities, career training, high-level mentoring, wellness initiatives and competitive benefits resulting in its recognition among the employer of choice in Thailand. John Dawber, Vice President and general manager of Novo Nordisk Thailand provides insight into what makes it an employer of choice 

How would you describe your organization to someone outside of your industry? 

Our company is driven very strongly by our purpose and our patient centred approach. You can feel this from any Novo Nordisk employee, anywhere in the world. We have a strong heritage which we are very proud about, and because we are majority foundation owned, Novo Nordisk have the self confidence to make solid long term plans.

How would you describe your corporate culture?

A purpose driven culture which is also proudly rooted in Danish values of collaboration, teamwork, lack of hierarchy, and respect for each other. In Thailand we like to call ourselves the Novo Nordisk Thailand Family, and that nicely explains our local twist on our corporate culture.

What continuing learning opportunities do you offer ?

Our employees are given many opportunities to learn and develop, and we believe in offering these in different ways. Online learning on almost any topic is open to anyone. On the job learning, project based experiences, mentoring, and short term internal assignments are common. Furthermore we encourage cross department, and cross-border development with Short Term Assignments of 3-12 months in other teams, functions, and in some cases other countries.

Describe some initiatives adopted by your organization during the Covid 19 pandemic to engage the employees ? 

We do a lot. In the interests of inclusion, during Work from Home, we try to create a mix of fun, light-hearted, educational, inspirational, and business focussed activities. Some examples of these range from Song of the day -via company Line group, Kahoot! Quizzes via MS Teams each week, Themed selfie photo competition each week, Leadership Lounge talks from management team members, Who inspires me- talks, Career talks from managers, Every Friday “Company Meeting” from GM, and even some surprise home delivery of pizza and ice cream occasionally!

A message to potential candidates who would like to join your organization

In Novo Nordisk Thailand we are proud of our products, our performance, our people, our passion and our Inclusion and Diversity. If you are passionate, and if you are energized by being around and learning from other passionate colleagues who truly want to make a difference to the lives of patients, then we would love to hear from you and discuss more what it means to be part of the Novo Nordisk Thailand family.

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