The local market in Thailand has improved amazingly. I have seen businesses sprouting from here and there by just living in the country as an ESL teacher for a year.

I have seen the transformation of the local market that is due to the changing needs of the locals and, more importantly, the needs of the expatriates.

You can’t read a lot about it in the internet. In fact, it is not something usually talked about. If you google up Thailand, you will see a wide range of ESL job offers.

But I believe it is important to note that because of the growing population of expatriates in Thailand, the local business scene has also changed.

  1. Banking and Currency Exchange Services

With a growing population of expats, the banking scene has evolved, too. It has a better process when it comes to opening savings account especially for foreigners. It is hassle-free.

The currency exchange services has longer business hours and there are a lot of them that opens all day long, 24 hours.

Thai banks cater more to telegraphic and SWIFT remittance, too, because postal remittances are normally not used by many banks in the west.

  1. Travel Industry

As a foreigner in a country as beautiful as Thailand, you wouldn’t want to miss out the fun of exploring their pristine beaches and other spectacular tourist destinations.

And because more and more people are coming in and exploring their land, the travel industry has improved a lot.

You can now see travel agencies providing packages that are tailor-fit for an ESL teacher. There are teach and travel programs offered to help you land a job and have an itinerary of the places you will explore in Thailand.

  1. Accommodation Services

This is something very noticeable in the local market. You will see new establishments being built and put up to provide accommodation to foreigners.

Although there are companies who hire ESL teachers that provide accommodation for them, they need partners to provide the accommodation for them. Hotels, lodges, hostels, and apartments have been sprouting due to the growing population of people coming in their beautiful country — Thailand.

  1. International Brands

This is probably one of the inevitable effects of expatriates in the country. You will see international brands opening in the malls and in the business districts of Thailand. You will see brands like your favorite coffee Starbucks or brands known to the fashion world like Hermes, Marc Jacobs and many more.

Because there are more and more foreigners living in and moving to Thailand, western culture has become evident in the local market scene and it shows by the international brands that you see.

If these big names are in the market, that only means that there is a pool of customers for them in Thailand.

  1. Educational System

It is important to take note that their educational system has changed in a way that they are more welcoming of the English language. They see the growing need to learn and speak English, and because of this, you will see now a lot of language schools in Thailand that offer short English language courses.

  1. Food Industry

Travellers love to taste local food. The more tourists and the more immigrants coming in Thailand, there has also been a tremendous growth in their food industry.

You will see a lot of new street food carts and restaurants around the city, in the malls, or almost everywhere you go. As more and more people are entering the kingdom of Thailand, more and more of these businesses are also being built.

  1. Medical Insurance

As a foreigner who works in a country like Thailand or almost everywhere you go, one must always have a medical insurance. It safeguards your health especially that you are in a different country miles away from your home. There are medical insurances that are offered to the expatriates.

  1. Entrepreneurship

Small businesses in all business sectors can be noticeably seen as more and more entrepreneurs are seeing opportunities because the pool of tourists and foreign workers like ESL teachers are every growing.

There is, indeed, a huge demand of ESL teachers in Thailand. More and more expatriates are willing to relocate.

And because of Thailand opening more doors for English teachers to come in and stay in their country, it has also greatly impacted the positive growth of their economy. The local market has improved and has, in some ways, become globalized to cater not only the needs of the Thai people, but of the foreigners as well.



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