Thailand’s Ministry of Interior has approved 90-day visas for individuals and medical guests from Cambodia, Lao PDR., Myanmar plus Vietnam (CLMV) because well as coming from the People’s Republic of China. This specific has been put in place considering that 22 March, this year.

Prior to this, Chinese and CLMV citizens were in a position to get visas of 14, 35 and 90 days, depending on typically the bilateral agreements among Thailand and typically the respective countries.

Below the new structure, visitors coming for medical treatment coming from these five nations, as well a maximum of three accompanying individuals, will be provided a 90-day visa.

This is a good extension of a new policy already in place for citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC), which include typically the Kingdom of Bahrain, State of Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, State of Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and typically the United Arab Emirates.

To get typically the 90-day visa plus come to Asia for medical treatment, citizens of The far east and the CLMV as well because GCC have to contact hospitals or perhaps healthcare centres listed by the Ministry of Public Wellness to make an appointment.

The hospital or healthcare center will then send out a confirmation to the patient. This specific letter has to be shown to immigration officials at any checkpoint into Thailand. The official can then offer a stay regarding up to 90 days at their own discretion.

The Ministry of Public Wellness has by far listed 118 clinics and healthcare centres that are eligible to provide a new confirmation letter to patients or guests seeking medical treatment in Thailand.

The measure is targeted at promoting Thailand’s thriving medical travel and leisure industry. It is usually also in collection with the plans of the Ministry of Tourism plus Sports, which is usually trying to promote Thailand as a new regional hub for medical and health and fitness tourism.

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