A 37-year-old inmate at Bangkok’s Khlong Prem Prison has been tested positive for the coronavirus as the Kingdom’s just passed the 100 days milestone without local infections.

The prisoner was arrested on drug charges officials said and worked as a DJ in popular nightlife areas, including Khaosan Road, and had no recent history of traveling overseas, suggesting that he was infected within Thailand.

The new case comes as Thailand is bracing for a four-day holiday due to Songkran’s replacement, with mass movements of people expected between Friday and Monday.

This new case happens as Thailand has just reported zero locally-transmitted Covid-19 cases for 100 days in a row, joining a small group of places like Taiwan where the virus has been virtually eliminated.

But Thai officials remain wary of a possible resurgence of infection like in New Zealand and Vietnam, two other countries which went without a case of transmission within 102 days, but had to reimpose a lockdown to contain a second wave outbreak.

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