Aline, one of the leading companies in oral health care, is now Beforedent. Having launched in South Korea last 2017, their company is a pioneer in providing clear oral medical devices that are top quality, BPA-free, and personalized to each client – yet still affordable.

Beforedent is a private medical devices company based in Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea/ They now operate in Japan and Thailand as well. What makes them unique is their vision as a preventive medicine company. They continually create next-generation devices to help ordinary people monitor and understand their oral health.

For the past three years, Beforedent has attracted hundreds of clients who are consistently impressed with their products – clear braces/aligners and retainers.

Beforedent products are transparent, making it a great orthodontic treatment that will go unnoticed as it straightens your teeth on the daily.

Braces are known to be very expensive, with monthly visits to the dentist. But Beforedent prides itself in being an accessible brand that is up to 60% cheaper than others in the market. Furthermore, their clients only need one appointment with an orthodontist.

Most people also prefer clear and removable aligners over the traditional metal braces. With a transparent color, it is barely noticeable.

Beforedent products also come in a small pouch and with a care guide, so their clients have no trouble bringing them around or even using them in public.

Oral care treatment with Beforedent takes six to eight months on average, starting with a 3D scan that is scheduled in advance to avoid clients waiting in long lines.

An experienced orthodontist will create a treatment plan based on photos and images of your teeth. They use BPA-free plastic to create medical-grade aligners before shipping directly to your doorstep. Clients are then able to use their products safely at home, with predictable results and almost no pain. 

Their aligners are custom-made based on your current alignment of teeth and your desired outcome, so no two aligners are the same. Using aligners will improve each client’s oral health, advancing them to the next stage of their new and improved smile.

Beforedent is well-known for having great customer service as well. Many testimonials can be found online from past clients who gained confidence and a better smile thanks to Beforedent’s aligners.

Their website even contains a free assessment test to help you understand your teeth, and real-time consultation is offered through a KakaoTalk channel in Korea and through LINE in Japan. 

This November 2020, Aline is renaming itself to Beforedent. This name change will not only make them stand out but also allow their company to pursue their unique brand identity. Improvements can already be seen on each of their social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and especially their website. 

A quick look at their website will already show you that they are moving forward with more exciting marketing and even new brand packaging.

They also recently announced that they are opening another location besides Tokyo City in Japan. With all these changes, we can expect Beforedent to revolutionize the orthodontic industry with their top quality, affordable, and personalized oral care.

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