COVID-19 Daily Vaccinations

Total number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered: 9,416,972

· Total number of people who have received 1 dose: 6,721,038

· Total number of people who have received 2 doses: 2,695,934

Number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered today: +271,534

· Number of people who have received the first dose: +185,261

· Number of people who have received the second dose: +86,273

COVID-19 Daily Situation

Total Cases: 254,515

New Cases: +4,662 Daily Cases: 4,652 & From Prisons: 10)

Receiving Medical Treatment: 47,481

Recovered: 205,064

Deaths: 1,970

TAT would like to recommend all to take DMHTT precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19: D – Distancing, M – Mask wearing, H – Handwashing, T – Temperature check, and T – Thai Chana contact tracing application. 

TAT is constantly providing updates on the tourism-related COVID-19 situation in Thailand at the TAT Newsroom (; Facebook (; and Twitter (Tatnews_Org).

For additional information and assistance relating to Thailand’s tourism, contact the TAT Contact Centre 1672 or Tourist Police 1155.

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