The Thai authorities have unveiled another “Tourist Court” in Phuket Province, one of the top tourist destinations of the country, in an effort to swiftly resolve legal issues in which tourists are involved.

The first “Tourist Court” was established in Pattaya, another popular tourist attraction of the kingdom.The unveiling ceremony was presided by Tourism and Sport Minister Somsak Pureesrisak and Chairman of the Supreme Court, Mr. Pairoj Wayuphap.Mr. Somsak told our correspondent that the court specifically designed to handle tourists′ legal case is the government′s method to provide satisfactory services for the tourists.

Pattaya tourist court
The Minister said the first case handled by the “Tourist Court” in Pattaya has proven to be extremely successful


The Minister said the first case handled by the “Tourist Court” in Pattaya has proven to be extremely successful. In that case, two Chinese tourists were killed in a Speed Boat crash at the seaside town.

According to Mr. Somsak, the court has facilitated a compensation from the defendant to the families of the victims in a timely manner.”The process had been conducted rapidly within one day, and the families of the victims were very satisfied,”

Mr. Somsak said.Mr. Wirat Chinwinigkul, Secretary–General of the Office of the Judiciary, said that the tourism court in Phuket is under the governing of the Court of Justice and is expected to arrange the issues to be ruled by the appropriate courts.According to Mr. Wirat, the new tourism court will provide advice to tourists to hasten the legal procedures, record testimonies of the foreign witnesses before they leave the country, and appoint a representative to handle the cases before informing the tourists as they depart Thailand.If the tourists are accused of committing any crimes, he said, the court will contact the consulate representatives concerning the tourists’ nationalities, in order to ensure trust, safety and justice for the tourists.

via Phuket Launches Kingdom’s Second ‘Tourist Court’ : Khaosod Online.

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