ProperDi Co., Ltd. announced today that they have added selected property industry experts to continue their innovation in the property sector and changed their platform name to ProperDee.  

These key additions are led by Mr. Cobby Leathers, Mr. Sievert Larsson, and Dr. Arie Bloed with additional participation from a team of property experts.  Mr. Leathers will assume the title of CEO and direct company growth.

Mr. Leathers recently left Sansiri PLC after 10 years, most recently as Head of International Business.  He is a noted expert of Thailand property and often appears on Bloomberg, CNN, Fox, and other news programs.  

ProperDee’s goal is to become the property technology leader in Asia by providing the tools that empower property Agents to connect, learn, and succeed like never before. 

And create the largest network of property professionals across Asia. We will grow across the Kingdom of Thailand and then expand strategically across Asia.  

Combined property experience among officers and directors exceeds 150 years in the real estate profession.

Our formal launch of the ProperDee platform will be announced soon.

Additional investment is expected to be announced shortly as ProperDee and their affiliated platforms launch and scale.

About ProperDee:  ProperDi utilizes the latest technology to provide the world’s first all-inclusive platform for real estate professionals.  We provide a one-stop marketplace of tools designed to empower property Agents and to build the largest network of professionals in SE Asia.  

We believe in the vision of empowerment and raising the level of service of the real estate profession. quietly soft-launched in March 2019. We are proud to currently have over 3,600 registered Agents and 160,000 current listings.

Our shareholders include Mr. Leathers, Ms. Usa Mungmee, Mr. Sievert Larsson, Dr. Arie Bloed, Mr. Chavapas Ongmahutmongkol and others.  Company Founder and Director is Mark C. Wolf, a 40+ year real estate professional.

You can view our platform at

For more information: 
Mark C. Wolf, Founder 
Email: [email protected]  

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