Thailand is believed to have some of the strictest gambling rules. The Thai authorities prohibit most forms of traditional gambling. However, gambling rates are high, with gamblers talking to online platforms like Betway88 to do their thing.

The continued rise in numbers despite the strict regulations is baffling to the lawmakers. 

Gambling In On the Rise in Thailand

According to a study by Thailand’s Centre for Gambling Studies and Centre for Social and Business Development, 57% of the adult population in Thailand took part in gambling activities in the past year. In the study, most individuals claimed to have taken part in the government-run lottery.

But the second most prevalent gambling in Thailand is done underground. In the study, 3.5 million individuals claimed to have made wagers on sports through sports betting sites such as Betway88 casino, which operates in Thailand. 

Online Gambling In Thailand

Online gambling is prevalent in Thailand despite the ban in the country. Currently, no specific laws are touching on online gambling, but the locals consider it banned. 

To circumvent the restrictions, many Thai citizens are using online casinos like Betway88 that are hosted overseas. This move leaves the Thai authorities with limited options to stop players from gambling on foreign sites. 

Recently, Thailand’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology started monitoring the situation closely. The Ministry is said to be monitoring local internet activity and blocking IP addresses believed to be visiting online casino sites. 

So far, Thai courts have ordered access to 1,202 websites to be blocked for online gambling. 

However, despite its extensive use, online casinos are not so popular among the Thai gambling fraternity. The study by the Centre of Gambling Studies revealed that a paltry 1.6% of those that took part in the study gamble online. 

The most popular form of online gambling is football betting. To attract more punters, the online casinos use bonuses like the credit bonus. This bonus is advertised as free cash punters can use to play their preferred casino games. Also, punters are offered a welcome bonus for joining an online casino platform. 

The Future of the Thai Gambling Industry

Studies revealed that the legalisation of casino gambling in Thailand would lead to significant revenues in tax. But, it is still believed that the matter will remain off the table for the time being. Other concerned citizens are pushing for more stringent measures against gambling. 

But, tighter restrictions are not the solution if the numbers revealed by studies are considered. The main challenge is for the government to find a way of controlling VPN use in the country to prevent gamblers from migrating to online casinos to circumvent local restrictions.

Gambling in Thailand will continue to strive, albeit in the gray area where it is illegal but still accessible to the punters. For now, the government can only engage in a cat and mouse chase as it finds a way to control the country’s gambling industry. 

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