Sport betting is one of the fastest-growing industries of the 21st century. With the rising popularity, the betting market is experiencing subscribers’ surge each dawning day.

Well-established bettors wager billions of dollars throughout the sports season.  The following sports claim the most significant popularity in regards to betting volume on both local bookies and offshore sportsbooks. 


Soccer, especially European football, is the most-watched game in the world. Wagers find it the most profitable sport to stake.

This follows the fact that it is a hugely popular sport enjoyed across all continents. Top bookies like Betway88 casino provide hundreds of markets for thousands of events taking place in all parts of the globe. 

Football gives experienced wagers more advanced ways of staking. For instance, one can bet on how many throw-ins and corner kicks will be within a given period. The number of yellow or red cards to be issued to the particular player(s) is another way that gives punters more wagering options.

Research is, however, vital when it comes to winning a football bet. Familiarizing with past score patterns, varied stats, and how teams respond to attacks increases bet-winning chances, especially on platforms that give numerous options like Betway88.


Considering popularity, basketball is among the fastest-growing sport. NBA’s fame in the European basketball league and the collegiate leagues in the U.S. is unstoppable. This distinction makes the sport claim a groundbreaking betting volume globally, and hence, a massive stake on the betting industry.

Normally, basketball betting functions around spread betting. This type of betting requires a wager to predict which team will beat another and by what margin

But that’s not the fun part of basketball betting. The real entertainment is experienced when predicting the margin by which a favourite team can outscore an underdog team while playing an away match.

Horse Racing

It is nearly impossible to watch a horse race without being tempted to place a few dollars bet. With all the outstanding horse races, the likes of Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and the Grand Nationals, it would be absolutely unfair to mention horse racing as one of the most popular sports by betting volume.

Like any other sport, research is essential to win a bet on horse races. Factors contributing to a horse’s capability to win are a key consideration. The opinions of the race analysts and historic wins of various horses are also good guidelines.


Unlike the aforementioned sports, tennis does not require much attention and research when placing a bet. The competition is simple for both newbies and experienced bettors. Tennis only presents itself as a simple game. The straightforward bets are the main reason behind its popularity among punters.

Winning a tennis ball bet requires modest observation of the preceding tournaments, not forgetting the players’ rankings and performances. However, more detailed research would do you no harm, and a better picture of the most likely winner way more profitable. In addition, establishing a reputable bookmaker like Betway88 is one way to make your experience better.

Traditionally, sports lovers wager on their favorite sports, but it does not necessarily limit betting enthusiasts from trying their hands in multiple disciplines. And for one to be successful in betting, sharpening the skills is required.  You can only gain expertise through profound attention to the sports you wish to wager.  

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