Dynasties change, centuries pass by, governments change, monetary systems change but still the basic rule of money remains unchanged- “The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Poorer”.

The very basic concept of money was “value transfer”, which was intended at making an easy flow of goods and commodities. But it didn’t take long for it to change its principle from “value transfer” to “store of value”. 

The testimony of the glorious history of empires told us that “Top 1% of the people control 99% of the money and the life of the rest 99% people”, because dominance is a basic human tendency. And “money or any other equivalent store of value” is the most lethal weapon in this trail of “dominance quest”.

But a cruel fact about history is- “History Repeats Itself”, and probably it is the time when we are observing the biggest wealth transfers of the decade, and it’s in our hand which way we go; the top 1% or the other 99%. 

The Biggest Power Transfer Of The Decade And An Opportunity Of The Century 

The statements from Mr. Dariusz Wota-the highly notable CEO of Wanda Exchange, become a crucial reference in this scenario due to their high credibility over the overall market hold. Wanda Exchange who are the biggest and the most trusted Crypto Payments Service Providers in Thailand released some of their stands over the current market situation in recent times. 

Mr. Dariusz Wota who is the CEO of Wanda Exchange; and the oldest names in the Crypto Quest, who started his crypto-journey back in 2009 gave some highly exclusive market insights in a recent press release.

According to the experts from Wanda Exchange,

“An investment is a store of value that rewards the patient and punishes the impatient, causing a massive wealth transfer from the impatient to the patient”. 

Wait, but doesn’t that sound like something similar that is going on, in the past few days we have observed a state of dilemma amongst the retail crypto-investors who are unsure of the market conditions and are selling-off their assets taking huge losses.

But an important thing to observe is that it doesn’t look like the ACCUMULATION ZONE that takes place before a BULL RUN and the 99% retail investors selling-off their assets at losses are the people causing the wealth transfer to the top 1%. 

Greed is the most dominant component of human psychology and most of the human actions are driven by greed; but a notable thing is when we see the losses coming; our greed turns into fear and due to hormonal actions, we try to escape the situation; doing nothing just making losses.

The experts from Wanda Exchange strictly advise that investments are a SPECULATIVE AND CALCULATIVE AFFAIR not an EMOTIONAL AFFAIR, so whenever you invest KEEP YOUR EMOTIONS OUT AND PUT YOUR BRAINS IN.

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Mr. Dariusz Wota’s Advice For Making It To The Top 1% 

Mr. Dariusz Wota has repeatedly been advising investors, “To Use Their Brains More Than Their Ears When They Invest”. For a rational mind, who has little understanding of the monetary systems can easily read the market conditions and get to a conclusion that “Patience is the key”.

Sooner or later, we are bound to overcome this situation and the reward would be getting to be in the top 1% of the people, not the bottom 99% whose lives are controlled by the top 1%. 

Mr. Dariusz Wota advises investors to know their positions and long-term goals when they invest in Crypto or any other asset as crypto is not any other “Get-Rich Quick Scheme”, but it is a system of investment where you get rewarded for your patience.

And thankfully this time the patience-period would not be that long as the analysis of the market says that it is the indication of a massive bull-run and we are all set to explode. So the best decision in this case would be, “HOLD YOUR POSITIONS, TIGHTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS, AND YOU ARE ALL SET TO SEE BIG PROFITS COMING”.

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