A Regus Express lounge is the perfect place for businesspeople to conduct work while waiting for a flight

As flexible working enters the mainstream, ever-greater numbers of people are ditching the nine-to-six office life in favour of becoming a digital nomad.

Armed with a laptop, mobile phone and a good Wi-Fi connection, many entrepreneurs can run their businesses and report into teams remotely, from wherever they are in the world – be it by a pool, on a beach or in a coffee shop.

However, there can be distractions to contend with, especially when the environment is noisy, and paying for endless meals and drinks to secure your proximity to the WiFi can end up being expensive. Plus, you can get serious neck-ache when hunched over a laptop at a café table.  With productivity vital for those who run small- and medium-sized enterprises, it’s essential to take every opportunity to work when on the road, especially during dead time before a flight.

Sure, replying to a few emails in a Starbucks is doable, but there is no comparison to settling down to an hour of uninterrupted work in a quiet business lounge with sofas and complimentary drinks.

Regus has lounges at three UK airports where flyers can access free Wi-Fi, help themselves to a cup of tea or coffee and take a seat in an ergonomically-designed chair. 

London Heathrow has three Regus locations in Terminals 2, 3 and 5, while Gatwick, has one in the South Terminal that is open 24 hours. Birmingham also has a Regus hub a short walk from check-in. Conveniently positioned, they are ideal for short stays and have a range of on-site facilities including showers, so you can arrive at your destination fresh for your next adventure (or pitch). There is even the option of long-term office space for people based nearby.

A Regus building with a desk and chair in a library

Regular users of Regus airport lounges are full of praise. Steve Driscoll, project manager for KPFP Ltd, says: “Regus Heathrow is the perfect place to get your work done when at the airport. It has great locations, facilities and staff. The team are always on hand with a smile to brighten up your day.”

Simon Lanaway, business development manager for The Adecco Group, is equally positive about the ways in which Regus airport lounges help him work smarter: “I’ve been a Regus Gold member for over two years and whenever I need to interview or meet anyone at Heathrow, I always try to use the Regus Express Lounge in Terminal 3. It’s easy to get to, spacious with natural daylight overlooking the terminal concourse, and the staff are always very helpful.”

Regus membership starts from £75 and include full use of all Regus airport lounges, plus 10% off meeting room rates globally. Having a familiar, reliable office to go to at whatever stage of your travels you are on is reassuring. There is nothing worse than not being able to get internet when you need to send an important email. As the number of freelancers and self-employed people in the UK approach 50 per cent of the population, so too will the amount of people choosing to abandon conventional modes of working and opting to work anywhere in the world.

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