BANGKOK, February 22, 2022 – The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has amended its foreign listing rules by shortening the period for foreign companies to have financial advisors after being listed, consistent with that of Thai companies.

Moreover, the silent period has also been shortened to attract foreign companies to seek listing on the Thai bourse.

The amended requirements are also aimed to offer more investment alternatives to investors, and will take effect on February 22, 2022 after receiving feedback from public consultation, as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s approval.

SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai said that SET has adjusted the foreign listing rules to support overseas companies to raise funds through their listings on the Thai stock market.

The period for newly listed foreign companies to retain financial advisors after their listings will be shortened to one year from three years.

The amendments are in line with the requirements for the listing of Thai companies and the SEC’s regulations. Besides, the silent period of strategic shareholders will be shortened to one and a half years from three years, with eligibility to sell 20 percent of their shares one year after listing and the remainders after the lockup period ends.

“These rule adjustments are carried out in pursuit of SET’s three-year strategic
plan (2022-2024) regarding connecting opportunities to all sectors inclusively.
We aim to be a fund-raising source for local and foreign companies.

Notably, the listing of foreign companies in Thailand will not only make the Thai capital
market more attractive but will also allow investors to invest in foreign stocks via the Thai stock market, with quick access to information like the way they have of Thai stocks,” added Pakorn.

The rule amendments have already undergone public hearings and received approval
from the SEC’s board. More details are available at

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