Are you aspired to be an Entrepreneur?

Don’t know where to start?

Want to work in a start-up?

Want to learn closely with successful start-up founders?

join CAREER LAUNCHER this summer!

What is Career Launcher?

“Get the skills, attitude, and network to launch your own biz from people who have already done it”

An entrepreneurial career simulation experience to help empower our fellow to land an entrepreneurial position or launch their own venture.

What do we believe?

“95% of startup fail. But we do believe that great entrepreneurs are made not born.”

We believe that your success rate can be increased with early exposure, know-how, and having the right coach. Our team determines to give you the taste of what it’s like to run a startup before you finish or quit school and jump start something marvelous.

Who are we looking for?

If you are a college student (1st-4th year) or a young professional with 0-3 years of experience that

◦Knows you will eventually start a business of your own

◦Wants to pursue an entrepreneurial career track

◦Wants to restart your career in the startup world

You also…

love starting things from scratch. A real hustler with true GRIT, does not wait for direction

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Techsauce is the partnership of two titans in the Thai technology startup industry between Thumbsup, the leading technology media in Thailand and HUBBA, the biggest coworking space network in Thailand.

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