Market for Alternative Investment (mai) will list Chamni’s Eye pcl, aa still image and video production service provider foradvertising , on April 29 under the ticker symbol “CEYE”.

The company has a market capitalization at its initial public offering (IPO) of THB 1.04 billion (approx. USD 30.77 million).

mai President Prapan Charoenprawatt said CEYE would list and start trading on mai in the Services industry group.

CEYE produces materials for advertising, television and film. The company provides a full scale production for still image and video, computer-aided photo retouching, and online media production service & media management. In addition, CEYE has five studios for rent via a  subsidiary, Maiyuenton Co., Ltd., to be used for the production of films, advertising and TV program contents.

The target groups or clients are advertising agencies and product owners in Thailand and other Asian countries such as  Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and China. In 2021, still photo production service contributed half of revenue, video production represented 27 percent, photo retouching generated 12 percent, studio rental accounted for 4 percent and other services made up 7 percent.

CEYE has a registered paid-up capital of THB 135 million, consisting of 200 million existing common shares and 70 million newly issued shares, with a par value of THB 0.50 each. It offered 52.50 million shares to persons at the underwriter’s discretion, 10.50 million shares to patrons of the company and subsidiary, and seven million shares to CEYE’s directors, executives and/or employees during April 20-22, 2022 at THB 3.86 each, for a total of THB 270.20 million.

The IPO price was equivalent to price-to-earnings ratio (P/E ratio) of 36.64 times. The earning per share is equal to THB 0.11, which was calculated from the company’s net profit of THB 28.45 million in the past four quarters (from January 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021), divided by fully diluted shares. Capital One Partners Co., Ltd. is its financial advisor and Globlex Securities Co., Ltd. is the lead underwriter.

CEYE Chief Executive Officer and President Suwanee Suwansaengroj said that the company focuses on one-stop services in the production of advertising materials, starting from the creative concept within customer budget, the pre-production stage, the production process to the post-production for in multi- media channels including magazines,  and online and out-of-home media. With over 30 years of experience in this business, expertise and reputation well-recognized in the advertising circle, the company has grown continuously.

The proceeds arising from the fundraising will be used to construct a new office building, production equipment, loan repayment to financial institutions and as working capital. CEYE’s major shareholders after the IPO are the Suwansaengroj family (45.96 percent) and Chamni Thipmanee (22.77 percent).

The company’s dividend policy is to pay no less than 40 percent of net profit from the company’s separate financial statement after legal reserves. For more information on CEYE, please see the company’s prospectus at the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website at; and for general information, please visit, as well as

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