A new report from Krungthai Bank shows that the number of internet users in Thailand has grown by 13.7 million people in the past five years, reaching a total of 61.2 million users.

Social media use is also on the rise, with Facebook and Line being the most popular platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • Online shopping is projected to soar this year and next, with an estimated value of 634-694 billion baht, growing at an average rate of 6% per year, with personal and household care products, beverages, and food being the popular product categories.
  • The number of Thais accessing the internet has increased by 13.7 million people in 5 years, reaching a total of 61.2 million users, with social media usage surging to 52.3 million people, dominated by Facebook and Line.
  • Various businesses have increasingly prioritised online channels, evident from the average 12.4% yearly expansion of online advertising expenditure over the past five years, while offline advertising has experienced a 3% decline annually.

The growth in internet use is attributed to private sector service providers expanding their coverage nationwide and the government’s policies to improve internet accessibility since 2019. Thailand ranks fourth for fixed broadband internet speed and 15th for mobile internet, with nearly 70% of Thais using mobile phones for web browsing.

Google, YouTube, and Facebook are the top three most visited sites in Thailand. Thai consumers prefer online purchasing of goods and services, particularly personal and household care products, beverages, and food.

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