Thailand faces a significant shortage of skilled workers in the digital sector, with only 1% of the population possessing Level 4 digital skills.

The country requires 177,606 highly skilled personnel in the next three years, but only 3,500 new graduates join the IT industry each year.

Key Takeaways

  • Thailand faces a significant shortage of skilled personnel in the digital sector, with only 0.58 million experts in digital skills accounting for 1% of the population.
  • The lack of graduates with relevant skills and their involvement in irrelevant job sectors after completing studies contribute to the gap between supply and demand in the digital workforce.
  • TCCtech aims to cultivate an expanded digital workforce by adopting an inclusive approach and collaborating with leading universities in Thailand to provide valuable training, testing, and real project opportunities.

TCCtech’s initiative to collaborate with universities to provide training, testing, and project opportunities for fresh graduates and experienced professionals is a promising step in the right direction. Overcoming this shortage is crucial to the country’s ability to compete in the global digital economy and to achieve its digital transformation goals.

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The Digital Council of Thailand’s target to increase the proportion of individuals with basic to expert-level digital skills from 28% to 70% by 2025 is ambitious but necessary. Achieving this goal will require a multi-pronged approach, including the government’s continued investment in education and training programs, incentives for businesses to upskill their employees, and creating an enabling environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in the industry.

A failure to address this gap could have severe ramifications for Thailand’s economy, including a slowdown in growth, a shortage of critical skills needed for businesses to thrive, and impaired ability to cultivate an environment of innovation and technological advancement. Nonetheless, the government and industry stakeholders are committed to tackling this issue head-on, and early signs of success are already visible.

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