AIMA Launches emoped-HYHAWK at CES: A New Dream Ride for the Young Riders

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On January 9th, at the CES in the USA, AIMA Technology Group held its first global launch event. AIMA unveiled its new eMoped, the emoped-HYHAWK. Designed with a cyber-digital style and a futuristic look, the emoped-HYHAWK aims to spark a global trend in electric moped, fulfilling the dreams of young enthusiasts aspiring for the freedom of the open road.

Safe and Stable, AIMA’s emoped-HYHAWK Leads a New Trend in Electric Moped

Who doesn’t love riding a motorcycle? But traditional motorcycles come with strict age requirements and need specialized training.

AIMA Technology Group, a globally renowned e-mobility brand, has introduced the emoped-HYHAWK, a new model designed to fulfill a motorcycle dream. Tailored for new riders, the emoped-HYHAWK offers easy handling and can be ridden by beginners, ensuring rider safety. The emoped-HYHAWK makes the dream of riding freely on the open road accessible to everyone.

Cyber-Tech Aesthetics, Winner of the U.S. MUSE Design Gold Award

The design of AIMA’s emoped-HYHAWK embodies a pioneering spirit of innovation on a global scale. Its mech and cyber-tech styling is evident in every detail. With a black body accented by fluorescent colors and sleek, robust lines, it presents a futuristic eMoped design. Features like a compact frame, X-shaped headlights, floating seat, and hidden cyber-style digital display enhance its tech appeal. The emoped’s colorful ambient lighting caters to young riders’ imagination for night rides.

Winning the U.S. MUSE Design Gold Award, the emoped-HYHAWK reaffirms AIMA’s leadership in fashionable product design.

Exceptional Performance, Mastering Diverse Riding Terrains

AIMA’s emoped-HYHAWK isn’t just about looks; performance is also a key strength. Its powerful drive system delivers outstanding performance. The four-season thermal tires offer enhanced grip during rides, complemented by a hydraulic suspension system adaptable to various terrains. This makes it easy for young riders to confidently handle different landscapes.

The front and rear perforated disc brakes ensure strong braking power at high speeds. Additionally, the safety feature of an automatic power-off when parked with the sensor-equipped side stand enhances parking safety.

Innovative Design, Creating a Enjoyable Riding Experience

The emoped-HYHAWK by AIMA, designed with ergonomic principles, offers a golden ratio for rider comfort, blending the riding triangles of street and cruiser bikes for an enjoyable riding experience, especially for new riders. Its balanced center of gravity and approximately 1.7-meter length provide a perfect mix of stability and agility. The compact size and superior manoeuvrability enable even novice riders to master advanced riding techniques, like leaning into turns, for a thrilling ride.

Industry-Changing eBike Innovation: Santa Monica

AIMA’s new ebike Santa Monica, which will be launched in April, also made its debut at the launch event. Inspired by the western end of Route 66 in Santa Monica, this new model features the innovative Route 66 motor developed by Bafang Electric for Aima eBike – a powerful yet lightweight 750W city bike motor. Unique for its 73nm torque, this motor has been meticulously designed for enhanced cooling, operational efficiency, and quick start-up, standing out in its class. Equipped with high-performance SR Suntour suspension fork, Tektro’s Hydraulic Disc Brake, and a sensitive Torque sensor, the Santa Monica promises to offer riders a liberating urban cruise, capturing the essence of coastal breezes and the historic Route 66.

AIMA continues to push the boundaries with innovative designs and trendy concepts, enriching the two-wheeler electric riding lifestyle. The emoped-HYHAWK, a testament to AIMA’s dedication to young riders’ dreams and a milestone in exploring global markets, debuted globally at the CES in the USA, poised to set new trends in the world of electric biking.

Source : AIMA Launches emoped-HYHAWK at CES: A New Dream Ride for the Young Riders

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