Discovering Guizhou along the Belt and Road

GUIYANG, China, Jan. 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Over two thousand years ago, the collision of diverse civilizations on the ancient Silk Road created a brilliant glow.

Fast forward to ten years ago, the modern Silk Road facilitated extensive consultation, joint contribution, and shared benefits among countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.

Traversing mountains, seas, and forests, Southwest China’s Guizhou has made its mark on this era. The “Ten Years On: Guizhou Story along the Belt and Road” series reports, planned and implemented by Discover Guizhou of Guizhou Daily Press with exclusive support from Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd., invite you to witness the Guizhou story along the Belt and Road.

Tire Ascendancy: Smart “Dream Factory” in Mekong Delta

In recent years, the annual output of Vietnam’s LIEN ANH Production Rubber Co., Ltd has increased tenfold. The entry of Chinese enterprises into the Vietnamese rubber industry has brought about innovations that have exceeded their expectations.

Vietnam’s advantage in rubber raw materials has attracted Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd to go global. In 2019, the company established its first overseas base in Tien Giang Province, Vietnam. Its subsidiary, Advance Tyre (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Advance Tyre”), has become the largest Chinese enterprise in the region.

The Vietnamese factory has successfully replicated the automation, intelligence, and informatization of Chinese factories. By integrating into the Belt and Road Initiative, Advance Tyre has not only brought opportunities for Guizhou-manufactured products but also continuously empowered the local community in Vietnam.

Currently, 80% of Guizhou Tyre’s rubber raw material supply comes from Vietnam, and the Vietnamese factory has provided more than 1,000 job opportunities in Tien Giang Province. Its advanced production technology and management concepts have significantly boosted the local manufacturing industry and nurtured many locals into business leaders.

Renowned as one of Southeast Asia’s treasures, the Mekong Delta, once dominated by agriculture, now resonates with the sounds of modern industry. Each day, thousands of containers carrying Vietnamese-produced Guizhou tires depart from Vietnam, carrying Chinese smart manufacturing to surge across the world.

Georgia E60 Highway: Linking Eurasian Corridor through Caucasus

On November 3rd at 9 AM local time in Georgia, the tranquility of the Caucasus Mountains was shattered by the sound of cannon fire, marking the completion of Guizhou Highway Group’s F4 tunnel on Georgia’s E60 highway.

As the sole transportation link connecting Georgia to the AsiaEurope transportation trunk line, the E60 Highway stretches from the GeorgiaAzerbaijan border to Batumi, the second-largest city of Georgia, located on the coast of the Black Sea, linking the Poti, a port city in Georgia. It is the largest and most complex key project in the country’s history and will become Georgia’s highest-standard international highway.

The F4 section of E60 Highway was constructed by Guizhou Highway Group.

“F4 section was hard from engineering point of view. The Guizhou construction team used specific technology, which is truly admirable!” This led to the signing of a Letter of Intent for a Sister Region-Province Relationship between Georgia’s Imereti region and Guizhou. Following Governor Zviad Shalamberidze’s visit to Guizhou, both parties recognized the vast potential for cooperation.

One road connects every route. Tunnels break through barriers and bridge hearts. Guizhou’s transportation and construction enterprises, acting as builders of “Bridge Museum”, are actively integrating into the international market, contributing the “Chinese solution” to global road and bridge construction.

China-Laos Railway: Journey of Youths and Dreams

Taking a train to travel Laos has become trending!

The China-Laos Railway, with a total length of 1035 kilometers, is bustling with carrying passengers and cargo. it is a key project that aligns China’s Belt and Road Initiative with Laos’ strategy to transform from a land-locked country to a land-linked country. Since its opening, this “golden corridor” has continuously facilitated the development along the route.

“I’ve had a dream of working on the railway since I was a child. When I heard about the construction of the China-Laos Railway, I chose to study in China.” said Phonephimon MONECHANDY, a Laotian girl studying in Guizhou. She learned rail operation, passenger services, and railway management. After the opening the China-Laos Railway, she became one of the first batch of high-speed rail talents to be employed, serving as a locomotive repair at the Vientiane engine workshop.

In 2016, the China-ASEAN Rail Transportation Education and Training Alliance was established in Guiyang, Guizhou, following the 9th China-ASEAN Education Exchange Week. This laid the foundation for paired cooperation in vocational education between the two sides through the China-ASEAN Vocational Education Flagship Program.

Guizhou’s universities have developed an international curriculum and teaching standards, nurturing talents for Belt and Road projects and partner countries. Laotian youths like Phonephimon are pursuing their dreams in Guizhou, blossoming with youth along this golden route.

Chinese Liquor: Cultural Ambassador between China and Thailand

In the bustling and vibrant Chinatown of western Bangkok, Thailand, the night begins with a glass of sauce-flavor Moutai liquor.

“This taste has never changed!” It has been 47 years since Mr. Yang Fan, the Chairman of Golden Star International Logistics Co., Ltd, bought his first bottle of Moutai liquor from a grocery store in Chinatown.

In 1953, Moutai officially entered the international market, becoming a pioneer of Chinese products go overseas. Thailand was the first destination for Moutai’s exports.

“Chinatown is rich in Chinese culture in Bangkok, and Moutai, as one of China’s most famous liquors, must have a presence here.” As a well-known wine connoisseur in Thailand, Mr. Piyapong Karnchanatanon, CEO of Siam Dragon (Asia-pacific) Co., Ltd chose to be a distributor of Moutai liquor, valuing not only its market value as a liquor but also its cultural significance.

From local Chinese recognition to a prominent position in Thailand’s liquor market, this bottle of Chinese fine liquor, with its distinct Chishui River flavor from Guizhou, has pursued shared cultural “beauty” worldwide. With the enduring charm of Chinese culture, it shines on the global stage.

From Wumeng Mountain to the Caucasus, from the Chishui River to the Mekong River, Guizhou is embracing cooperation and joint development, writing China’s stories of sharing prosperity along the Belt and Road.


Source : Discovering Guizhou along the Belt and Road

The information provided in this article was created by Cision PR Newswire, our news partner. The author's opinions and the content shared on this page are their own and may not necessarily represent the perspectives of Thailand Business News.

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