New Partnership Grants Singapore Access to German Sensor Technology

New Partnership Grants Singapore Access to German Sensor Technology

Geospatial Intelligence Technology Company, AECA Tech Signs Dealership With Ororatech

AECA Technologies Pte. Ltd. (“AECA Tech”) has signed on its first
dealership wtih OroraTech GmbH.

OroraTech is an intelligence-as-a-service company
based out of Munich, Germany.

Its global network of sensors monitor the Earth’s
temperature continuously, which helps to curb the spread of wildfires through
risk assessment, real-time monitoring, early detection and damage analysis.

Speakers at OroraTech's International Wildfire Conference

With 2 satellites of their own in space and another
8 to be launched in 2024, OroraTech is able to alert clients with the precise
locations of fire dangers within 3 minutes, allowing for proper and timely

AECA Tech believes that this technology is crucial at
this time for a sustainable Earth as extreme fires are projected to increase by
14% by 2030, followed by a further 30% by 2050.

Deploying OroraTech’s thermal sensors, AECA Tech’s
geospatial intelligence technology services will extend across Singapore,
Malaysia, Brunei and Thailand.

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