Risen Energy Release White Paper "Development and Industrial Application of Ultra-Thin Silicon Wafers"

NINGBO, China, Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The photovoltaic industry, as a technology-driven sector, has undergone multiple rounds of technological iterations under the unchanging underlying development principles of cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Technically, as p-type solar cell efficiency approaches its peak, n-type solar cells have become the new mainstream in the era, leveraging their higher conversion efficiency. Heterojunction (HJT) technology, as one of the mainstream routes for n-type solar cells, has garnered widespread attention for its evident and considerable cost reduction advantages.

Risen Energy, a global leader in comprehensive photovoltaic smart energy solutions, foresaw this shift early on and initiated HJT R&D back in 2019. Over the years, it has invested substantial resources in the research and mass production of HJT technology, having secured two consecutive years of global leadership in HJT shipments and breaking four consecutive HJT module efficiency world records. Meanwhile, Risen Energy has also conducted in-depth research on several key factors that restrict cost reduction for large-scale mass production. By the end of 2022, it achieved successfully development and mass production of ultra-thin silicon wafers, zero busbar technology, low-silver metallization paste, and Hyper-link cell interconnection technology, introducing the 700Wp+ HJT Hyper-ion products to the market.

In order to support the ongoing cost reduction and mass production of HJT products across the industry, Risen Energy has compiled the experiences and reflections accumulated during the HJT mass production process into a white paper for the entire industry. In August 2023, it released the White Paper “Development and Industrial Application of Low-Silver Metallization Pastes,” sharing insights in the application of low-silver metallization pastes. This time, Risen Energy is ready to shed light on its expertise concerning development and industrial application of ultra-thin silicon wafers.

As widely known, silicon wafers, metallization pastes, and equipment costs constitute over 90% of the total HJT solar cell costs, with silicon wafer costs representing a significant 55%. Therefore, it is evident that reducing silicon wafer costs is one of the primary means to drive the mass production of HJT mass production, and thinning silicon wafers is undoubtedly the most direct and effective industry-recognized method. Risen has made significant progress in the technical development and industrial application of ultra-thin silicon wafers after years of research and investment. Currently, Risen Energy has achieved the mass production of solar cells and modules using 110μm ultra-thin silicon wafers and have the capability to produce wafers with thicknesses less than 100 μm.

Through the release of this white paper, Risen Energy hopes to share its experiences and reflections on the application and mass production of ultra-thin silicon wafers, contributing to the continuous cost reduction and mass production of HJT products in the industry.

If you want to know more about it, please click the link: https://en.risenenergy.com/uploads/20240115/Risen%E2%80%99s%20HJT%20Hyper-ion_A%20White%20Paper%20on%20Development%20and%20Industrial%20Application%20of%20Ultra-Thin%20Silicon%20Wafers_V2.3_20231220_ycw.pdf

Source : Risen Energy Release White Paper "Development and Industrial Application of Ultra-Thin Silicon Wafers"

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