Yoshinoya Sets the Pace in Digital Dining Transformation

Unveiling the Game-changing “Privilege Pass” Monthly Discount e-Card, Empowered by Yoshinoya Membership App and Mobile Ordering

HONG KONG, Jan. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Yoshinoya is committed to being at the forefront of digitalization by introducing mobile ordering and consistently enhancing its membership app. With the aid of generative artificial intelligence, this dedication has positioned Yoshinoya as a pioneer in the fast-food industry, utilizing innovative concepts and strategies. Recently, Yoshinoya unveiled the ground-breaking “Privilege Pass,” a game-changing monthly discount e-card on its app. By seamlessly integrating electronic coupons to its membership apps, Yoshinoya has further solidified its position as an industry leader, striving to provide customers with unparalleled convenience to access discounted prices.

Yoshinoya is dedicated to enhancing the dining experience. In addition to launching the mobile membership app and the “Privilege Pass,” Yoshinoya has strategic plans to expand the innovative “Delivery Line” concept from its +Woo branch to other locations, aiming to provide customers with a revolutionary and seamless digital dining experience.

Revolutionizing the F&B Industry: Cutting-Edge Monthly Discount e-Card Elevates Consumer Experience and Leads Market Trends
Since the introduction of the “Privilege Pass” on our membership app in 2023, we have observed a significant boost in the average sales of Yoshinoya members who have purchased the pass. In comparison to members who have not purchased the Privilege Pass, those who have experienced an impressive sales increase of over 50%, indicating the enthusiastic response of customers towards the monthly discount e-card. The increase in app membership numbers and positive feedback have motivated Yoshinoya to further enhance its digitalization efforts. Yoshinoya is committed to providing exceptional discounts and convenient access to exclusive offers, showing its gratitude to loyal members who have supported the brand during the challenging economic environment post-pandemic.

By introducing the mobile membership app, which allows customers to place in-store and takeaway orders and access various discount coupons, Yoshinoya is able to gain valuable insights into customers’ preferences and spending habits. It also helps address the long-standing issue of labor shortage in the food and beverage industry. To further promote digitalization, Yoshinoya has taken an unprecedented step by introducing the “Privilege Pass,” a monthly discount e-card. With the one-time purchase of the pass, customers can enjoy discounted prices on a selection of delicacies throughout the entire month. Yoshinoya aims to lead the industry in driving digitalization by integrating electronic membership cards and regular discount coupons, providing customers with a more convenient and affordable dining experience.

Yoshinoya is confident in its digital transformation, as evidenced by the positive reception of the Monthly Discount e-Pass. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the number of members on the app continued to rise, with a growth rate in the second half of 2023 exceeding 20% compared to the first half. The highest-spending customer group consisted of members using the “Privilege Pass,” and the launch of the pass also led to a significant increase of over 10% in online ordering. This indicates that customers are gradually embracing digital services. Yoshinoya aims to further promote comprehensive digital transformation, enabling customers to enjoy a seamless digital dining experience and convenient access to promotional offers and information.

Revolutionizing Dining Services: Utilizing Innovative Technology for Faster and More Convenient Experiences
Continuing its commitment to driving digital transformation in the F&B industry, Yoshinoya is dedicated to enhancing the dining experience. In addition to launching the mobile membership app and the “Privilege Pass,” Yoshinoya has strategic plans to expand the innovative “Delivery Line” concept from its +Woo branch to other locations, including the newly opened MOSTown branch in Ma On Shan. The objective is to provide customers with a revolutionary and seamless digital dining experience. Through their smartphones, customers can conveniently place orders and make payments, while comfortably enjoying their seats as they await the delivery of their food via the “Delivery Line.” This cutting-edge dining experience not only offers enhanced efficiency in catering services but also allows customers to embrace Yoshinoya’s spirit of innovation.

Digital transformation has the potential to revolutionize the customer dining experience while effectively addressing the long-standing issue of labor shortages in the food and beverage industry. Recognizing the growing significance of AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications, Yoshinoya has seamlessly integrated AI into its operational decision-making processes to enhance management efficiency and gain invaluable insights into the needs of its customers in Hong Kong. This strategic integration empowers the company to develop market-oriented strategies and cultivate better prospects for future growth. By utilizing advanced AI analysis techniques in operational decision-making, Yoshinoya conducts comprehensive data analysis on critical factors such as customer traffic trends, queue times, and seat utilization rates. This data-driven approach enables the company to formulate targeted operational and marketing plans, delivering higher-quality catering services and more enticing promotional offers to its valued customers.

Yoshinoya emphasizes its ability to leverage AI technology to identify dining areas with lower population density and gain valuable insights into seat utilization rates. This enables the company to optimize seat arrangements and enhance the overall dining experience. Data analysis has revealed that certain seating areas have lower utilization rates during specific time slots. Yoshinoya has responded by adjusting seat arrangements based on customer preferences. As a result, seat utilization rates have significantly increased to over 80%, effectively improving seat occupancy rates and operational efficiency at each branch. With its comprehensive digital transformation, Yoshinoya is committed to instilling confidence and leading the industry into a fully digitized era. This will reshape the food and beverage industry, offering customers a more innovative and high-quality dining experience.

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About Yoshinoya
Since the opening of its first store in Japan in 1899, Yoshinoya has created remarkable history for over 100 years. Today, there are around 2,000 Yoshinoya stores worldwide, of which around 600 stores are in Northern China. Yoshinoya landed in Hong Kong in 1991 and is now operating over 50 stores, serving millions rice bowls every month. Our quality products have been highly favoured by Hong Kong customers for years, and continue to do so till today. To cater to customers’ needs, Yoshinoya is persistent in product enhancement, offering membership app and developing tech-friendly ordering facilities for creating a pleasant dining experience at ease.

Source : Yoshinoya Sets the Pace in Digital Dining Transformation

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