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Ford sales in ASEAN rose 3.3% in 2015

The overall retail sales of Ford Motor Company for the ASEAN region rose 3.3 percent to a record 103,975 units in last year from a year earlier.

Why China charms Cambodia

Cambodia falls to China’s charm does not come as a surprise. The benefits from being among China’s most favoured nations are quite obvious.

Cambodia’s big old friend : China

Cambodia’s persistent infatuation with China was blatantly displayed on the world stage in 2012 when, as ASEAN Chair, it refused to address the territorial disputes in the South China Sea. This widely…

Sihanouk’s Conflicting Legacy

Photo: AFP/Getty It was 1940 and the City of Lights had gone dark. Men of importance of Vichy France were meeting in order to decide how to manage their overseas colonies and protectorates in light…