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Myanmar expects 5 mln tourists in 2015

Myanmar, among the world tourist destinations, received 3.05 million tourists in 2014, with an expectation to attract five million tourists in 2015.

The Irrawaddy Business Roundup

Central Burma Will Be ‘Revitalized’ by Chinese Economic Corridor Beijing has renewed its enthusiasm for an economic corridor linking India, Bangladesh and Burma with southwest China.

Freelance journalist dies in Burmese army custody

Journalist Aung Kyaw Naing, also known by the pseudonym Par Gyi, had been arrested while reporting on growing tensions between the regular Burmese army and the Democratic Buddhist Karen Army in…

Concerns Grow Over Severe Slump in Rice Prices

Rice prices and exports have experienced a sharp drop this year as a result of a tightening of import restrictions by China. The slump in rice prices comes ahead of the start of the main rice harvest…