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Burma’s Kyat Continues Its Downslide

Burma’s currency is continuing its downslide and has dropped almost 18 percent in value since the government floated the kyat in early April last year.

Dollars go Home

Foreign capital starts flowing back to the United States, said Bank of Thailand governor Prasarn Trairatvorakul, following the improvement in the US economy.

Indian rupee hits record low vs dollar

The partially convertible Indian currency ended the day at a new low of 58.15 to the dollar yesterday afternoon, sweeping past its previous low of Rs57.32 hit on June 28.

Three factors to weaken Thai baht (BOT)

The United States’ application of the minimised quantitative easing (QE) programme, China’s economic slowdown and the Thai Finance Ministry’s foreign capital control are major elements contribution to…

Measures to fight surging baht and labour shortage

Mr Kittiratt said cabinet members were confident that the BoT will be able to stabilise the baht, adding that the private sector wants to see the baht movement stabilise at Bt29-30 against the dollar.…

Thai Baht reaches strongest since 1997

The Thai Baht has become strongest in 16 years, quoted at 29.13 Baht against the US dollar today, which, according to an analyst, has led to massive sales of the greenback offshore and brought down…