The physical office, and the services and amenities provided, are indeed key to defining experience – and the physical office can take many forms.
Market size is key for tech firms in selecting a new office location. Across nearly all tech segments we analysed, the potential of business growth as a result of tapping into big markets has a substantial impact on location choice within the region.
When companies don’t comply with these rules, it can have a significant impact on the bottom line, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.
Well the UK is certainly in the spotlight at the moment. Whatever its future outside of the EU, it’s already out in front in one area, real estate transparency, ranking as the world’s most transparent market.It might not seem...
In Asia Pacific, 75% of total commercial real estate currently concentrates in five markets – China, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore
JLL estimates that the Chinese insurance companies alone could invest US$250 billion into direct property
Without connectivity and intelligence, buildings are simply a depreciating asset on the profit and loss statement for a company. In contrast, a building that is connected and operates intelligently automatically takes actions to solve problems and adds value to the organization.
One side effect of the US result may be to reinforce a trend we had already started to identify; the rise of cross border capital within Asia Pacific