Southeast Asian countries are realising the importance of high-skilled immigration

Goods and capitals are already flowing within the region. The more challenging problem is to improve intra-regional labor mobility.

Thailand rushes to register 1.6 million undocumented migrants

Thailand started deep changes in its labour migration policy in 2014 to regulate the 3.8 million migrant workers following criticism over human trafficking

Photography Exhibition : Myanmar Migrant Workers in Thailand

Driven by poverty, continuous ethnic battles, oppression, human rights abuse and many more intolerable reasons, millions of Myanmar people have moved often illegally to their neighboring country – Thailand – in search of work and better life.

Thailand grants new delay for unregistered migrant workers

Thailand’s cabinet agreed to grant an additional three-month grace period to illegal migrant workers to stay in the kingdom so that they could complete their registration process. For Thailand’s estimated 2.5 million migrant workers, 2013 brings new bureaucratic hurdles, but a promise of a higher minimum wage as well.

Thailand has more than 1 million illegal foreign workers

Bangkok, the Thai capital, has the highest number of foreign labourers in Thailand, accounting for around 30 per cent of the overall figure.

Thailand registers nearly one million undocumented migrants

The Thai government has helped legalize nearly one million previously undocumented labour…