Thailand Prepares for 2026 IMF-World Bank Conferences

Thailand will host the 2026 annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank, expecting to attract 12,000 participants from 190 countries.

Thai-Chinese meeting addresses negative impact of movies on tourism

The purpose of the meeting was to address concerns among Chinese citizens regarding the inaccuracies in the film and to highlight Thailand’s robust safety measures for tourists.

Thailand-Singapore DR Linkage to Enhance Cross-Border Investment Opportunities

SET and SGX Group have strengthened investment links with the Thailand-Singapore DR Linkage, allowing investors to access securities of both countries via depositary receipt.

Honda and Thailand collaborate to boost electric vehicle production

Honda executives met with the Thai government to discuss supporting electric vehicle production. The company plans to increase production of EVs and BEVs in Thailand next month.

Thailand’s Plan to Attract Thai Talent from Abroad

The Prime Minister’s personal connection to the issue, highlighted through his desire for his sons working overseas to return, resonated with the broader ambition of reintegrating Thai expatriates.

Thai Cabinet Endorses Bill to Grant Same-Sex Couples Equal Legal Rights

The amendment marks a significant shift from the existing Life Partnership Act, which only acknowledges the right of same-sex couples to live together but does not extend full marital rights to them.

Thai Evacuees from Myanmar investigated for Involvement in Call Center Scam

Thai authorities are investigating a call center scam involving repatriated Thais from Myanmar. Measures are being taken to protect citizens from criminal activities. Additional Thai citizens in Myanmar are also arranged to be repatriated.

Leaders from Thailand and China engage in soccer diplomacy at APEC summit

Thai Prime Minister and Chinese President conversed about the World Cup qualifiers, with Srettha congratulating Xi on China’s win and Xi expressing support for Thailand’s team.