Thailand tops Asian destinations for retirees

The ‘2022 Annual Global Retirement Index’ ranks 25 countries according to the 10 categories of Housing, Benefits and Discounts, Visas and Residence, Fitting In/Entertain, Development, Climate, Healthcare, Governance, Opportunity, and Cost of Living.

How much do you need to retire in Thailand?

The lowest in Southeast Asia is Indonesia at USD290,599, followed by Malaysia at USD321,614. Vietnam is competitive at USD353,906. Cambodia and Thailand are a close tie at around USD389,000.

Malaysia scores better than Thailand in The Best Places to Retire 2015

As Asia’s appeal to North American expats continues to grow, Thailand has become a popular destination

The World’s Top Retirement Havens in 2013

“Go back to New York to live? Never!” says 65-year-old Lorna Taylor. “We moved to Malaysia because of the weather, the golf and the low prices; our costs are now a third to a quarter of what they were in the U.S.

What changes to legislation mean for UK expats in Thailand

Over the past two years, there have been some changes to UK pension legislation that affect many expats. These do not relate to the UK government state pension for citizens, but rather to the private pensions of anyone who has worked in the UK.

UK expats prefer Thailand as retirement destination

Only 13 per cent of UK expats intend to retire in the UK, and 5 per cent of all surveyed plan to spend the retirement in Thailand, according to a recent study by Alliance & Leicester International.