SCB cuts thai growth forecast to 3.6%

The SCB’s Economic Intelligence Center (EIC) has reduced its growth projection for the Thai economy this year to 3.6%

Thailand’s Auto Parts Suppliers: from regional to global players

Over the past 5 years Thai exports of auto parts have shown strong growth of 4%, higher than the 3% growth in of global car demand during the same period.

Thai exports surged by 9.2% in March, but challenges remain ahead

EIC projects that export value will grow by only 1.5% in 2017. This is firstly because oil price is expected to normalize beginning in the second quarter.

China’s Trina Solar invests $143 million in new Rayong factory

Trina Solar Limited, a global leader in photovoltaic (“PV”) modules, solutions, and…

Thailand’s inflation unlikely to soar as in China or Indonesia (SCB)

BANGKOK, March 11 – Thailand’s inflation rate will not soar as dramatically as those in China and Indonesia because the rate is calculated based more than 30 per cent on rice and food prices, according to a leading Bangkok commercial bank economist.

Siam Commercial Bank easing lending terms, sets 90 billion baht goal

Siam Commercial Bank has set a new loan target of between 80…

Korea Development Bank to Consider Bid for Siam City Bank

Korea Development Bank, South Korea’s largest state-owned lender, is considering bidding for…

Map Ta Phut fiasco could impact economy more than the sub-prime crisis

“The impact of the Map Ta Phut fiasco could be more severe…