China’s celebrity Luo Yunxi has been named the “China-Thailand Cultural Friendship Ambassador” and received the ‘Friends of Thailand’ privilege card, offering exclusive benefits.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Thailand Privilege Card welcomed Luo Yunxi, one of China’s leading celebrities, as the newest member of the prestigious ‘Friends of Thailand’ project. This recognition is for individuals whose voices and influences contribute positively to Thailand as a tourist destination.

During the China-Thailand Friendship Culture Exchange “Special Live Show with Luo Yunxi” in Bangkok, Luo Yunxi was presented with the ‘Friends of Thailand’ privilege card and recognized as the “China-Thailand Cultural Friendship Ambassador.”

Privileges for Luo Yunxi

With over 28 million followers in China, Luo Yunxi will receive a five-year multiple entry renewal visa, airport assistance, immigration fast track, airport lounge access, and short-distance limousine service as a member of the Thailand Privilege Card. Additionally, he will have access to special discounts and promotions from participating partners, including health and wellness services, spas, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and shopping.

Promoting Sustainable Tourism

The presentation of the ‘Friends of Thailand’ privilege card to Luo Yunxi demonstrates the commitment to promoting Thailand and inviting affluent tourists to the country. This aligns with the government’s ongoing efforts to promote sustainable tourism development.

Source : Luo Yunxi presented with ‘Friends of Thailand’ recognition

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