In the past few days protesters have shown restraint and there has been no violence but tensions remain high amid a stalemate that has paralysed decision-making in the country of 64 million people.

The military, which has intervened in Thai politics many times in the past, is staying in the barracks for now at least, as its commanders try to broker talks between the protagonists.

A drop in the number of tourist arrivals would be a significant hit on Thailand’s  finances: tourism accounts for almost 10 per cent of the national budget.

Protesters have not targeted foreigners, who will be safe in this Thailand’s beach and hillside resorts.

In Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road tourist precinct where I live, tourists – many of them Australians – are already packing restaurants and clubs, seemingly oblivious to the strife across town in the historic quarter around Government House and the Prime Minister’s offices.

When my friends call to ask my advice on whether they should cancel their holidays to Thailand I tell them it is a personal decision but if they do come they should keep monitoring developments and stay away from protests.

Thais have not targeted foreigners, who will be safe in this country’s wonderful beach and hillside resorts.

There is also a saying among Asian hands that when things look the most dire, when there seems to be no way out of difficulty, countries in this region find a way to muddle through somehow.

Those of us who love Thailand hope it will be the same this time, although nobody seems to have a clue how.

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