Las Vegas has been the home of gambling, while other areas have cropped up across the globe, none have really seemed to quite capture the atmosphere and vibrancy that is in abundance in Las Vegas.

However, that seems to fast becoming a distant memory thanks to the growth rate of Asia in the gambling sector. Tucked away in the administrative region of Macau are some highly influential casinos that see a dramatic, high volume turnover of approximately $38 billion in annual returns, which, according to the latest statistics, is six times bigger than what Las Vegas makes per year.

Not a bad sum when you consider that Macau has less casinos than the American gambling giant, on average Macau has 40 gambling establishments, while Las Vegas is said to have double that amount.

Macau view casino skyline
Macau amasses more money because it attracts a consistent number of heavy hitting gamblers.

It appears to come down to two key points of this sudden Asian dominance: firstly, it would seem that the residence of China can’t resist having a dabble and placing the odd bet or two, and secondly, with the economy continuing to increase, the wealthy middle classes are on the rise, and therefore have more money to inject into this higher roller location. On average, all visitors to Macau’s casinos roughly bet up to $1,354, while those in Las Vegas only place a small $156, quite a difference in revenue scale.

According to financial specialists, and many other seasoned professionals from the gambling sector, it would seem that Macau amasses more money because it attracts a consistent number of heavy hitting gamblers.

Las Vegas on the other hand sees a more tourist focused crowd that are as much about the experience, if not more, than actually gambling. Some are even commenting how, in as little as five years, Macau could be the first casino to enter the $100 billion gambling market if the continued droves of serious gamblers keep coming.

Of course, the UK is nowhere close to being such an influential gambling force, however, there is a significant amount of turnover in the online casino world, with respected, well known brands like, keeping the UK a serious player in the online gaming market.

No matter your preference – whether you’re a lover of the real life casino experience, or whether you like to enjoy a punt from the comfort of your own home, there is no denying that Asia is taking the gambling sector by storm, and looks set to do so for many years to come.

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