The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has entered into an official partnership with leading streaming entertainment service Netflix to promote the tourism and culture of Thailand, with Bangkok starring as the first feature destination of a new Netflix documentary.

“Officially partnering with Netflix is a key milestone in our effort to continue promoting Thai tourism through films, series, and documentaries that meet the tourists’ expectations of impressive experiences. This will help stimulate Thailand’s creative economy.”

Mr. Siripakorn Cheawsamoot, TAT Deputy Governor for Marketing Communications

Called ‘Midnight Asia: Eat · Dance · Dream’, the new documentary series exclusively on Netflix is about a night-time journey through six iconic Asian cities – Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Mumbai, and Manila – and the food, art, night entertainment venues, and subcultures that help make each of them some of the world’s most fascinating metropolises.

The premiere episode on Bangkok celebrated the launch of the series, the first time TAT and Netflix have partnered to promote the destination of Thailand. The episode was commissioned by Aloke Devichand, Netflix’s Original Documentary Programming Manager, who also partnered with Pailin Wedel to produce ‘Hope Frozen: A Quest to Live Twice’ – Thailand’s first Emmy award-winning documentary.

Bangkok stars in worldwide premiere of new Netflix series on iconic Asian cities

Mr. Siripakorn said “Over the past years, many foreign films have been filmed primarily in Thailand. With these films available on Netflix, audiences of series and documentaries around the world can see Thailand from different lenses, especially the unique cultural tourist spots and beautiful nature, making Thailand more attractive to both Thai and foreign tourists.”

Inspired by the partnership with TAT, Netflix – which has 214 million paid memberships in over 190 countries – is keen to produce more world-class content on Thailand. Mr. Yongyoot Thongkongtoon, Netflix Director of Content for Thailand, said: “Together, we’d love more opportunities to present Thailand as a culture-rich country and one-of-a-kind travel destination to global audiences.”

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