Strong FDI figures in 2018 mark the sixth straight record year, following a string of strong realised FDI capital figures, estimated at $17.5bn in 2016, $15.8bn in 2015 and $14.5bn in 2014.

Growing FDI inflows have buttressed strong economic growth in Vietnam, which was reported as 7.08% in 2018 by the MPI, following 6.8% growth in 2017, 6.2% in 2016 and 6.7% in 2015, as reported by Bloomberg.

“We are seeing a number of companies moving from China to Vietnam, including British companies. The model in China is becoming more expensive, so Vietnam is offering a cheaper model, especially in clothing and manufacturing,” 

Peter Rimmer, head of the British Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam

Japan was the largest source country, with 429 newly granted FDI projects totalling $8.5bn, MPI figures show. South Korea came second from a capital expenditure perspective with 1043 projects totalling $7.2bn, followed by Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China.

Companies from mainland China undertook 389 FDI projects in Vietnam in 2018, as manufacturing industries…

Realised FDI capital into Vietnam increased to $19.1bn in 2018, up 9.1% compared with 2017, according to a brief released on the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) website on December 26, 2018.

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