Tourism in Thailand gets back on track with 7.5% growth in visitor arrivals

Thailand received 34,431,489 international visitors from January to November 2018, up by 7.53% over the same period of last year

ADB cuts Thai growth outlook to 4.3%

The report says that manufacturing in Malaysia and Thailand was undercut by weaker demand from trade partners

Thai tourism up 7.8% January-October 2018

Thai tourism industry recorded total international arrivals of 31.25 million in January-October 2018, up 7.84%

Thai military steps in to settle over half a million informal debt cases

Police had arrested 161 informal creditors on fraud charges and seized about 80 million Baht worth of valuables.

Thailand’s judicial system independence ranked 7th best in Asia

The judicial system in Japan is considered to be free from the influences of the government according to the World Economic Forum

Second Apple Store in Southeast Asia to open in Bangkok

Thailand will be the 8th Asian country offering an Apple store after China (42), Japan (9), Hong Kong (6), Macau (2), South Korea (1), Taiwan (1) and Singapore (1).

Thailand to be the Most Digitally Disrupted Market in Asia Pacific and Japan

95 percent of respondents in Thailand indicated that their organization has been impacted today by digital disruption

Duterte Harry, the life and crimes of an elected Philippine president

‘Duterte Harry’ is the first published biography of the Philippine president, and tells of his lifelong addiction to killing. It is a chilling account of what can happen when unbridled populism goes unchecked.