BANGKOK (NNT) – Oil prices remain elevated, giving a lift to demand for electric vehicles or EVs in Thailand.

This is reflected in the number of orders for electric automobiles at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show where 9,234 EVs were ordered.

EVs accounting for 21.5% of all automobile orders

Industry Ministry Permanent Secretary Nattapol Rangsitpol said the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show held from March 20 to April 2 logged 1.62 million visitors. About 40 automobile and motorcycle makers were selling their products at the event. 42,885 automobiles were ordered at the event – an increase of 34.45% compared with the figure at the last iteration of the event.

9,234 of the automobiles ordered were electric vehicles (EVs), accounting for 21.53% of all automobile orders.

Supporting measures from the government

Mr. Nattapol said EVs have gained more popularity due to supporting measures from the government that brought EV prices down. Meanwhile, consumers now have greater confidence in EV standards. Automakers have also been launching a diverse range of new EV models and carrying out sales promotion campaigns for EVs.

The permanent secretary said the Ministry of Industry has provided the EV industry with supportive factors. An example was the establishment of standards associated with all types of EVs, including those for cars, pickup trucks, buses, cargo trucks, motorcycles, and tricycles. Standards were also established for batteries and charging stations. A total of 128 standards were established in all.

The ministry also developed the Automotive and Tyre Testing, Research and Innovation Center (ATTRIC) – the first of its kind in the ASEAN region. The center is located in Chachoengsao and functions to improve automobile standards, facilitate research on automobile performance, and support the testing of prototypes.

Thailand to become a major electric vehicles manufacturing center

Mr. Nattapol said the ministry has also worked with relevant agencies to lay down a vision for Thailand to become a major electric vehicles and parts manufacturing center. A target has been laid down for Thailand to produce 725,000 electric automobiles per year by 2030, amounting to 30% of the country’s automobile production. Mr. Nattapol said this would add no less than 200 billion baht of value to the economy.

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  • Reporter : Namo Vananupong
  • Rewriter : Thammarat Thadaphrom
  • National News Bureau :

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