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Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt has announced that the capital city is now being promoted as an ideal destination for the regional headquarters of foreign companies, emphasizing the economic potential and opportunities the city is capable of offering.

Key Takeaways

  • Bangkok is actively promoting itself as an ideal destination for the regional headquarters of foreign companies, emphasizing its economic potential and skilled labor force.
  • The city is holding a symposium to attract Japanese investors and showcase its policies to attract foreign companies, with a focus on addressing issues such as cleanliness and traffic congestion.
  • Bangkok is committed to improving infrastructure and creating an optimal business environment for investors, including the establishment of One Stop Service centers for foreign investors and workers.

Speaking at the “Bangkok as Regional Headquarters Symposium” held at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Chadchart highlighted that it was the first time city executives had invited investors to discuss the establishment of regional headquarters in Bangkok. He highlighted the abundance of skilled labor seeking new career opportunities, making Bangkok a favorable labor hub for several industrialized nations, especially Japan.

The symposium, co-hosted by the BOI and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO Bangkok), provides Japanese investors an opportunity to explore business opportunities and challenges while presenting the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s policies to attract foreign companies.

Chadchart stressed that attracting talent and enhancing the workforce, along with addressing issues such as cleanliness and traffic congestion, were top priorities for Bangkok. The governor expressed the city’s readiness to support foreign investors by facilitating business operations and offering promotional privileges.

Asst Prof Kessara Thanyalakpark, an advisor to Chadchart, mentioned that Bangkok welcomed corporations of all scales and had adhered to regulations set by the Board of Investment (BOI) to ensure efficient operations for foreign companies. She added that the city’s comparatively low cost of living compared to other metropolises in the region makes it even more appealing for foreign firms to consider setting up their headquarters.

The Bangkok governor affirmed the city’s commitment to improving infrastructure and policies to create an optimal business environment for investors, announcing plans to establish One Stop Service centers to ensure a smooth transition and convenience for foreign investors and workers.

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