• On 22nd February, 89 new cases of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 were announced by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand bringing the total number of cases to date to 25,504. No new deaths were reported today.

• Of the cases reported in Thailand to date, 95.5% (24,361) have recovered, 0.3% (83) have died, and 4.2% (1,060) are receiving treatment or are in isolation (736 are in conventional hospitals and 324 in field hospitals).

• The 89 laboratory-confirmed cases reported today include

  • 16 individuals who arrived recently in Thailand and were diagnosed in quarantine facilities.
  • 59 cases detected through the routine surveillance system linked to occupational risk, visiting crowded places or contact with confirmed cases in Samut Sakhon (19 Thais, 12 Burmese), Tak (4 Thais, 7 Burmese), Pathum Thani (9 Thais), Nakhon Pathom (6 Thais), Ayutthaya (1 Thai), and Ang Thong (1 Thai).
  • 14 cases identified through active case finding in Samut Sakhon (2 Burmese), Pathum Thani (7 Thais, 2 Burmese), Nonthaburi (1 Cambodian), and Tak (2 Burmese). This brings the cumulative total in this group to 14,407 cases.

• Of 73 cases acquired in Thailand, 42% were detected in Samut Sakhon, 0% in Bangkok and 58% in other provinces.

• During the new wave (between 15 December 2020 and 22 February 2021), 21,267 confirmed cases have been reported, of which 5,922 were detected through the routine surveillance system, 14,407 through active case finding and 938 are in individuals who entered Thailand, detected through screening in quarantine. At present, 20,184 have recovered, 1,060 are receiving treatment, and 23 have died.

• Confirmed cases in the new wave in Thailand have been reported in 63 provinces.
The 12 provinces reporting more than 50 cumulative cases in the new wave are Samut Sakhon (15,953), Bangkok (950), Chonburi (653), Rayong (584), Pathum Thani (519), Samut Prakan (365), Chanthaburi (221), Nonthaburi (174),Tak (151), Ang Thong (121), Nakhon Pathom (109) and Samut Songkhram (70).

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