Video games need a combination of great graphics within their gameplay to bring about success. Graphics are a representation of imagination in momentum.

What graphics bring to players, is an advanced reality. It represents that moment where our reality and imaginations connect and become as one. Gameplay measured at first sight by its graphics does of course represent very little to the roles of successful gaming, yet it is a piece of the puzzle. We must look deeper to understand how these two variables interact, and ultimately enhance gameplay for players.

Thailand: a rising force in the gaming industry

The name Thailand may not easily come to mind in any discourse on mobile or online gaming. However, with an estimated 27 million video gamers and projected revenue of $54m from online games in 2021, Thailand has positioned itself as a rising force in the gaming industry.

If you compare a game from 20 years ago to now, the change is incredible. You probably wouldn’t want to play a game from 20 years ago with those graphics knowing the graphics embedded in new games.

We used slot games as an example, nowadays we have not just fruit machine slots with basic images, but 3D slots, slots with a storyline and background that really makes it appealing.

Especially within the game Money Train 2, which has hit up some massive attention for its quality and amazing multipliers. The casino gaming industry is one of the genres of gaming that have massively updated their graphics and thus the quality of the gaming experience too.

Thailand is one of Southeast Asia’s most important markets for mobile games. There are about 531 Thai publishers on Google Play and about 1,684 Thai published games available for download on the store. 

The eyes of the beholder 

Now onto the first variable that dictates graphics and gameplay to be a success, the eyes of the beholder are everything of course. After the course of playing, player perception will ultimately decide, whether or not the game is relevant to the gameplay that they are looking for. Achieving player satisfaction is subjective to the player itself, and their expectation of the games. 

Perception of a player will come into play differently to what is expected. Players do not see visual flaws in the same way as each other and not all will be deflected from continued gameplay. Should the player recognise the poor graphics, they will usually accept that to be a price of their gameplay and enjoyment overall.

Graphics and gameplay when the quality is brilliant

We all know of the enhanced version of gameplay for the Forza Horizon 3 on Xbox One X, and the Hitman editions too. Both games have a graphics display of 4k resolution.

The sophistication of the game enhancements are not often seen within other gaming consoles, meaning it is a rare sight and can compile beautiful experience, no questions asked. This kind of gaming scenario will undoubtedly affect gameplay, as gorgeous graphics sell the story you are playing, that much better.

However, being that both the games have the same graphics display, the same effect will not be probable. The effect is dependent on the gaming scenarios shown. Both games showcase two completely different stories. Meaning, the way they are played will be different overall, makes sense? 

Hitman is the perfect example of how graphics are important for a game, due to the fact the game takes place with you vividly observing your environment, as you play but study it too. So, for this purpose, games need to be graphically supported to suit the theme that they are orientated around. Games that rely on a study of the environment, will depend more greatly on the seamless graphics, no questions asked.

Graphics and gameplay when the graphics are weak

Again, using the example of two games with reportedly the same resolutions, Assassin’s Creed Origins and Monster Hunter are two completely different tales. In fact, in Assassin’s creed you will probably spend most of the game at the beginning, exploring the beauty of Egypt, paying attention to all the details shown.

Monster Hunter on the other hand is completely the opposite, as the graphics leave little much to be desired by the player. The scenes are washed out with low contrast, even though the resolution weighs up to the same 4K as the previous title. 

We must ask ourselves, however, does such poor display detract the player from their experience and gameplay? Well if you have been a loyal fan to the game series before, it probably would annoy you a little, yet you will probably stick to it, being you are a loyal gaming fan. If this was the other way around and a game is launching its first-ever title with such weak displays, then we as gamers would have a problem here. 

Ultimately it comes down to two things here, player gaming success depends on the eyes of the beholder, the loyalty of their gaming presence and if a game is relatively new and only just been introduced to the gaming market. Should a game have years and years of loyal and committed players, gaming graphics just equate to disappointment-yet we all will continue to play nonetheless. 

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