BANGKOK, 1 June 2019 (NNT) – Good news for low-income persons looking for accommodation.

The National Housing Authority is accepting reservations for units in phase 2 of the Million Housings project starting from 370,000 baht.

Current clients with a good payment history, and National Savings Fund members may receive a 5% rent discount.

The National Housing Authority (NHA) Governor Tachaphol Kanjanakul said today regarding the Million Housings project by the Government Housing Bank (GHB) that the bank has approved loans for some 5,000 clients in the first phase of the project, with 345 persons being NHA clients.

The bank is working to verify other loan requests, and is set to make decisions on all requests in July. Afterwards, the bank will start accepting registration for units in the project’s second phase in September.

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0% Mortgage Loans for first-time homebuyers will help to stimulate the Thailand’s property market

Available housing units in the second phase include two-storied houses, two-storied twin houses, two-storied town houses, and 3 to 5-story condominium buildings in Bangkok and neighboring provinces.

The units will be on sale starting from 374,000 baht. Property transfers and mortgage fees will be reduced to 0.01% to help low-income earners.

Eligible persons currently renting or purchasing housing units by the NHA in 337 projects, who are also members of the National Savings Fund, will receive a 5% monthly rent discount.

This offer is aimed at promoting National Savings Fund membership where members will develop better savings and spending plans, which will help them achieve a better and more secure livelihood.

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