The Stock Exchange of Thailand warns about a counterfeit page using its name to deceive individuals for personal data.

SET Warns of Counterfeit Page of “Collaboration Against Investment Fraud” Project

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has issued a warning about a counterfeit page connected to the “Collaboration Against Investment Fraud” project. This fraudulent page utilizes the SET name, logo, images of its premises, portraits of executives, and pictures of notable market personalities and celebrities to deceive individuals and obtain personal data.

No Association between SET and Fraudulent Page

SET emphasizes that neither it nor its partners in the “Collaboration Against Investment Fraud” project have any association with this fraudulent page. Any page claiming affiliation with the project and requesting actions that involve sharing information or assets should be considered a scam.

Seeking Information or Assistance

To address any doubts or obtain further information about the fraud program, individuals can visit the SET website “” or access SET’s various social media channels. Alternatively, individuals can contact the SET Contact Center at 0 2009 9999.

Source : National News Bureau of Thailand

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