With so many of the new tablets coming out from the big manufacturers being designed with gaming as a priority, it is getting tougher to pick individual ones as outstanding.

Obviously this is not really an issue for those who use Apple tablets, but there are lots of great Android gaming tablets released these days – with 2013 having been no exception.

Galaxy Tab 3 scoops the jackpot

However it is possible to identify some that offer something a bit special, whether you are playing casino games like slot ones, adventure or role playing games (RPGs), with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 being one that scoops the jackpot.


This is an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS phone at the small, light end of the tablet market – being just 8 inches in size and 300 grams in weight. While this may seem like a bad thing, the size and weight are actually genuine bonuses when you are gaming for lengthy stretches – which the likes of some RPGs and the casino games like poker at www.jackpotcity.co.uk require.

Furthermore the Galaxy Tab 3 maximises the available space, with 7 inches being devoted to the screen display, so it is big enough to be able to render the detailed visual information of modern games effectively. In terms of image quality, the 1280 x 800-resolution and16 M depth of colour ensure that the image quality is crystal clear throughout.

However there is also the power and battery life aspects, as a really good gaming tablet has to deliver in both of these areas, and the Galaxy Tab 3 does. It has the Exynos 4212 dual-core 1.5 GHz processor that has been earning fine reviews from gamers for its speed – while the 4.000-mAh battery provides up to 11 hours of use. This should make it more than capable of handling those longer games like the RPGs and poker, as well as the quick, fun games like slots that people use to pass spare minutes in the day.

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