Actively Exploring the Boundaries of Industrial Cooperation, BaiJiaYun and ZhongkeRuijian Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

BEIJING, Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BaiJiaYun, a U.S. stock-listed company (stock code: RTC), today officially announced its deep cooperation with ZhongkeRuijian Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ZhongkeRuijian). The two parties will share resources and complement each other’s strengths, relying on their respective technological accumulations in the fields of artificial intelligence and large-scale models. Together, they aim to promote the implementation of large model vertical applications in education, finance, automotive, and other sectors, and jointly explore the development of multiple new products.

BaiJiaYun’s CEO, Ma Yi, stated that although many companies have already initiated research and application of large models in various industries, but highly specialized large models that truly meet the needs of specific vertical domains are still rare. BaiJiaYun and ZhongkeRuijian had previously engaged in in-depth technical exchanges. With this strategic cooperation, both parties will fully leverage their respective strengths to engage in comprehensive and in-depth technical collaboration and joint industrial development. Together, they will explore and promote the application of artificial intelligence and large model technologies in more scenarios.

Unstoppable, Large Models Enter a Stage of Comprehensive and Rapid Development

Technology, as the core driving force behind the advancement of productivity, has not only greatly improved production efficiency but has also continuously changed the operational and development models of the business world. In 2023, a new wave of AI technology began to emerge. Large models have not only redefined the boundaries of artificial intelligence but have also spawned unprecedented opportunities for cross-industry technological innovations. In this impressive wave of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), the key to empowering industrial development and aiding business growth lies in how technology can be used to create greater value and how large models can achieve mature commercialization.

To enhance the application and implementation level of new artificial intelligence and large model technologies in specific scenarios, BaiJiaYun and ZhongkeRuijian have reached a deep consensus where they will carry out strategic cooperation in the following two areas:

First, the two parties will jointly promote the application and innovative implementation of large models in vertical domains. Based on ZhongkeRuijian’s technology in content safety monitoring and forgery detection, and BaiJiaYun’s expertise in large model privatization and industry applications, including public sentiment applications, both parties will collaborate to research new product applications and solutions in industry scenarios such as education, finance, and automotive. They aim to explore the empowering opportunities of large model technology and scenarios for future industry development.

Secondly, both parties will actively explore the practical applications of AI technology and jointly research and develop distinctive products. Currently, ZhongkeRuijian has substantial experience in critical business scenarios such as national public safety supervision, media content review, financial risk control management, and anti-fraud in insurance claims.

BaiJiaYun’s products and services, including video conferencing, corporate live broadcasting, super recording, public sentiment monitoring, and SCRM, are also utilized by top industry clients in education, finance, automotive, and more. Under the strategic cooperation framework, BaiJiaYun and ZhongkeRuijian will engage in in-depth collaboration in customer service, research and development coordination, and channel expansion, jointly developing innovative products such as content safety detection and recognition, and digital humans for educational live broadcasting.

Taking this collaboration as an opportunity, both parties will promote the development of artificial intelligence and large model technologies through resource sharing and leveraging their complementary strengths. 

From multiple perspectives such as efficiency, cost, and user experience, they aim to accelerate the intelligent upgrade across various industries. In future explorations and developments, BaiJiaYun will continue to adhere to the spirit of innovation, openness, and cooperation, bringing new growth paradigms and endless possibilities to various industries.

Through deep cooperation and mutual empowerment to unleash more possibilities for AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)

In vertical domains, the effective integration of industry-specific large models with application scenarios primarily relies on a deep understanding of specific industry needs, which includes industry know-how and the application of AI technology. On the basis of clearly defining the capabilities of large models, only by deeply integrating these models with specific business requirements can they better serve a wide range of industries and empower enterprises to enhance their level of intelligent operations.

At the beginning of the new year, the two companies officially announced the establishment of their partnership. BaiJiaYun brings over a decade of cumulative innovation experience in the audio and video field, while ZhongkeRuijian has been deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence for many years. This collaboration is undoubtedly a complementary and integrative effort based on a shared vision by both parties. Moving forward, they will continue to focus on innovation and pave the way for future developments.

According to public information, ZhongkeRuijian Technology Co., Ltd. is a cutting-edge technology company which dedicated to empowering digital content security with AI technology. With the mission of ‘making the world more trustworthy,’ the company specializes in the research and development of technologies such as AI-generated detection, false information recognition, deepfake detection and tracing, large model content security review, etc. ZhongkeRuijian has taken the lead in achieving a full technology stack layout for text, image, video, and audio generation and forgery detection in key business scenarios like public safety supervision, media content review, financial risk control management, and education publishing integrity review.

This advancement effectively promotes the implementation and application of digital content security technology in the AI era. Currently, ZhongkeRuijian has established collaborations with various top clients in different fields, including multiple national ministries, Xinhua Net, People’s Daily Online, China Mobile, China Unicom, Huawei, Tencent, UnionPay, etc., helping these clients to achieve intelligent governance of content security.

Looking back at 2023, as a U.S. stock-listed company which deeply engaged in artificial intelligence and large model technologies, BaiJiaYun also achieved significant accomplishments in the implementation of technology applications. BaiJiaYun not only launched a vertical industry large model ‘Shi Chang Yi’ specifically tailored for market promotion and public sentiment monitoring, but also successfully released a one-stop AIGC (AI-Generated Content) scenario-based platform ‘Bai Wen Da Mo Xing.’ The company took the lead in realizing the application of products such as ‘AI Customer Service,’ ‘Official Document Writing,’ ‘Personal AI Assistant,’ ‘Digital Human Interactive Live Broadcasting,’ and ‘Marketing Copywriting Assistance.’ These developments continuously empower businesses in building scenario-based AIGC applications.

The achievement of this strategic cooperation is of significant importance to both BaiJiaYun and ZhongkeRuijian. It will help both parties further consolidate their market positions and enhance their competitiveness in the corporate services sector. Looking forward to 2024, BaiJiaYun will continue to adhere to its innovation-driven development philosophy, constantly introducing more high-quality products and services. At the same time, the company will actively seek collaboration opportunities with more outstanding enterprises, jointly exploring the limitless possibilities of large model technology application and implementation.

Company Contact:
Ms. Fangfei Liu
Chief Financial Officer, Baijiayun Group Ltd
Phone: +86 25 8222 1596


Source : Actively Exploring the Boundaries of Industrial Cooperation, BaiJiaYun and ZhongkeRuijian Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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